There is nothing we do commercially at Coen Oil Company that is worthy of compromising the well being of a human life or the environment. At Coen Oil Company safety is and always will be our first priority.

At Coen Oil Company, safety is our top priority. From jobsite safety, to employee and transportation safety, we take every measure to educate and prepare our team on best practice standards.

To ensure this dedication to safety, we partner with East Coast Risk Management for a customized solution that is implemented throughout the company. Together, we ensure that all employees go through hazard assessments, compliance training and OSHA seminars and workshops.

Coen Oil Company is also proud to partner with PICS Auditing, a renowned contractor prequalification company that offers world-class supplier prequalification, with an exceptional focus on safety. PICS has quickly established itself as an industry leader, becoming the fastest-growing prequalification service provider in the world.

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