Since 1923, Coen Oil Company has operated with core values of offering high quality products, leveraging its local roots and giving back to the communities it serves.
An industry leader for on-road & off-road diesel, heating oil, kerosene and storage tanks for residential and commercial clients and energy field services provider.
Long dated tire retailer known for superior service, value prices and extended hours of operation.
Nearly 40 locations providing fresh food, convenience items and fuel in PA, OH and WV. Try our famous crispy chicken, jojos, coffee and breakfast.
Coen Transport hauls all types of fuel to commercial and residential customers. Our fleet of vehicles can service most hauling needs.
The Coen Card offers convenient fleet fueling and digital commercial house accounts to over 40 locations with strong controls and flexible reporting.

Coen Oil Company is a regional convenience store operator and petroleum distribution and energy field services company. For over 90 years, we have stood for Quality, Service and Community.

These three values have contributed to the growth and development of one of the region's original fueling, market and service companies.

Coen Oil Company is comprised of a family of companies including: Coen Energy is an industry leader for residential and commercial fueling providing on and off road diesel, storage tanks as well as energy field services. Coen Markets is comprised of nearly 40 locations throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio serving fresh food and convenience items. Coen Tire is a Washington, PA-based tire company carrying both Cooper and Kelly tires. Coen Transport is a private trucking company that hauls all fuel types.

Please browse the site to learn more about each company or contact us today for additional information. Coen Oil Company has a variety of employment opportunities, so please visit our Careers Section to become part of our growing team.

Coen Markets Locations
Click here to view all of our locations throughout Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio.

Services for the Oil & Gas Industry
Coen Energy is dedicated to being your one-stop-shop for on and off road diesel, storage tanks and on-site fuel manager.

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Coen Oil Company offers its commercial customers a fleet fueling card that can be used at our card-lock and C-Store locations. Plus, all C-Store products inside the store can be purchased on the card.

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Coen Oil Company offers a pre-paid Coen Card to be purchased as a gift or used for incentive programs.